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Freestanding Bathtubs for your bathroom renovations in Adelaide

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May 07, 2024

Freestanding bathtubs have a special charm. It brings to mind long, relaxing baths and luxury that changes a regular bathroom into a spa retreat. At Package Deal Bathrooms in Adelaide, we have over 25 years of experience. We’ve seen how designer baths can truly transform a space. Whether modern or classic, the right tub makes a bathroom a work of art.

Picture yourself relaxing in a luxury bathtub after a tough day. We think it’s something everyone should enjoy. That’s why we offer not just tubs, but whole bespoke bathroom spaces. Our 10-year warranty on workmanship shows our commitment to quality. Whether it’s sleek or grand, we have a freestanding bathtub to suit any taste.

Let us help you fit one of these stunning tubs into your bathroom. Do you want to elevate your bathroom? Call us at 0414641241 or come see us by appointment. Your dream bathroom in Adelaide starts with us.

Key Takeaways

  • Freestanding bathtubs are a luxurious focal point for any bathroom renovation
  • Designer standalone tubs can transform a bathroom’s aesthetic and function
  • Package Deal Bathrooms offers a diverse range of luxury bathtubs to Adelaide homeowners
  • With over 25 years of experience, our team ensures superior craftsmanship and tailored bathroom solutions
  • Our commitment is backed by a 10-year warranty on craftsmanship
  • Contact us to start crafting your bespoke bathroom or visit our showroom on appointment

Exploring the Elegance of Modern Freestanding Tubs

We are leaders in bathroom makeover at Package Deal Bathrooms. We love mixing useful features with beautiful design. In Adelaide, our modern freestanding tubs make bathrooms feel like a luxury retreat.

People love freestanding tubs because they look like art. They make your bathroom a relaxing place. Our stylish freestanding baths have sleek lines. Our freestanding clawfoot tubs have lovely details. Both add elegance to your bathroom.

Why Choose a Modern Freestanding Tub for Your Adelaide Home

A modern freestanding tub brings more than good looks. It is about cosy, personal comfort too. In our busy lives, a contemporary soaking tub offers calm moments. Our stylish freestanding baths are not only pretty. They are spots for calm and refreshment at home.

Difference Between Acrylic and Cast Iron Freestanding Bathtubs

Choosing the right material for your tub is key. Our freestanding acrylic tubs are light. They keep water warm for longer baths. Freestanding cast iron bathtubs speak of old-school charm. They’re sturdy and keep your bath looking timeless.

Maximising Space with Contemporary Stand Alone Tub Designs

Our luxury standalone baths fit well in any space. Freestanding slipper tubs are famous for saving space with their design. They make your bathroom look bigger. They are perfect for any size bathroom in Adelaide.


We have put together a detailed comparison to help you pick. It matches your style and your bathroom’s look. If you need any advice or have any special requests, don’t hesitate to contact our team!

Model Material Style Capacity Features
Elegance Acrylic High-grade Acrylic Modern/Minimalist 190 L Warm touch, lightweight
Heritage Cast Iron Cast Iron Classic/Vintage 210 L Long-lasting, traditional design
Contemporary Clawfoot Acrylic Victorian-inspired 180 L Detachable feet, elegant curves
Modern Slipper Acrylic or Cast Iron Contemporary 170 L Ergonomic design for comfort

Our freestanding clawfoot and slipper tubs focus on beauty and comfort. We make sure each freestanding tub fits perfectly. It should match your home’s design and your needs.

The Ultimate Statement: Luxury Standalone Baths

At Package Deal Bathrooms, we believe a refined Adelaide home must have a luxury freestanding tub. These tubs are more than just for baths. They are the heart of your personal retreat. Our selection includes the best freestanding bathtubs, designed for both comfort and elegance. You can choose from simple modern freestanding baths to the more elaborate ones. Our range meets luxury standards our clients expect.

Our luxury standalone baths aim to offer a relaxing experience. With 20 years in bathroom renovations, our team fits your bath perfectly into your space. This creates a feel of indulgence and calm. These luxury freestanding tubs are the peak of design and functionality. They make any Adelaide bathroom a place of elegance.

To recline in one of our luxury freestanding tubs is to experience a retreat from the ordinary; it’s where everyday concerns dissolve into the warmth and serenity of your personal haven.” — Package Deal Bathrooms

Finding the art of relaxation means picking one of the best freestanding bathtubs. At Package Deal Bathrooms, we offer more than beauty. We promise lasting quality and service to Adelaide homeowners. Looking for modern freestanding baths or luxury standalone baths? Our team will help you at every step. Find your bathroom’s statement piece with us.

Freestanding Bathtubs as the Centrepiece of Bathroom Renovations

At Package Deal Bathrooms, we’ve seen more people choose freestanding soak tubs as the key feature in bathroom renovations. Selecting and fitting the right freestanding bathtub can truly change your bathroom. It brings together beauty and function in a luxurious way.

We make sure our freestanding tub designs match our clients’ needs in Adelaide. Whether you like modern or traditional looks, we find the right tub for you. This personalises your bathroom beautifully.

  • Integration of sleek lines and curves synonymous with contemporary style
  • Customisation of tub size and material to fit the specific dimensions and design theme of the bathroom
  • Selection of quality materials that stand the test of time and ensure longevity

A freestanding bathtub can really elevate your bathroom:

  1. Make a bold statement with the tub as the centrepiece
  2. Add a luxury feel with a welcoming spot to relax
  3. Boost your home’s value with modern, innovative designs
Feature Advantage
Bespoke Design Custom-fit to your unique style and bathroom’s layout
Material Selection Diverse range from acrylic, cast iron, to stone resin
Ergonomic Comfort Designed for long, luxurious soaks with utmost comfort
Statement Aesthetic Turns any bathroom into an elegant and relaxing retreat

Picture relaxing in a customised freestanding soak tub, the height of comfort and style. At Package Deal Bathrooms, our goal is to make this luxury a reality for our Adelaide clients.



Our talk about freestanding bathtubs shows they’re more than just useful. They add elegance and class. By picking Package Deal Bathrooms, you’re choosing a team with over 25 years of experience. We’re dedicated to making Adelaide bathrooms beautiful. We promise quality design and craftsmanship in every renovation.

We want to make your dream bathroom real. Reach out to discuss your project with us. Letting us redesign your bathroom means we’ll be dedicated to excellence from start to finish. If you love luxe freestanding tubs or want a full makeover, we’re here to help.

Visit our showroom to see what we can do. We mix innovation with durability in our projects. Package Deal Bathrooms is your go-to for adding beauty to your home. To start your Adelaide bathroom renovation, contact us. Let us craft a space that matches your style.


What are the benefits of adding a freestanding bathtub to my bathroom renovation in Adelaide?

Freestanding bathtubs make your bathroom look luxurious and sophisticated. They are the highlight of the room, offering a better soak. Plus, you can place them anywhere, giving you more design choices. They make your bathroom a calm place to relax in.

Why should I choose a modern freestanding tub for my Adelaide home?

Choosing a modern freestanding tub adds a chic, timeless look to your home. They come in different shapes and fit any decor. These tubs are more than a trend. They make your bath time upscale and comfy.

What is the difference between acrylic and cast iron freestanding bathtubs?

Acrylic freestanding tubs are light, keep water warm, and fit many spaces. Cast iron tubs last long and look classic. They’re heavier and need strong floors but offer lasting beauty and charm.

How can I maximise space with contemporary stand alone tub designs?

Modern tubs have a sleek look that opens up your room. Small designs like clawfoot or slipper tubs save space. Our experts will help find the best fit, mixing style and space well.

What are some luxury standalone bath options available for sale?

At Package Deal Bathrooms, we have luxury baths that mean pure elegance. We have top freestanding baths, from sleek to classic looks. Our team will help pick the right luxury bath for your space.

Can a freestanding bathtub really become the centrepiece of my bathroom renovation?

Yes. A chosen freestanding tub can be the main focus of your bathroom. With many designs available, we’ll make your bathroom look amazing. It will impress anyone who sees it.

How can I schedule a showroom appointment at Package Deal Bathrooms?

For an appointment, contact us on 0414641241. Our team will set a time for you to see our freestanding tubs and talk about renovations. We’re excited to meet you.

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