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Convert Bathtub to Shower: Transform Your Bathroom with These Expert Tips

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July 01, 2024

Imagine a bathroom where the bulky bathtub is gone. In its place, a big, shiny shower that lets you dance in the water. For many Aussies, changing a bathtub into a shower isn’t just an upgrade. It’s a real change. It brings joy in turning the old into the new. This is especially true in Adelaide. Here, Package Deal Bathrooms is making these changes every day. Our team works hard to make sure your bathroom looks great. We focus on everything from putting in the shower right to getting the grout perfect. This way, your bathroom doesn’t only look good. It shows off your style too.

From the coast to the hills, people get excited to take out their bathtubs. They look forward to the new shower’s sleek design and how it makes the room look bigger. At Package Deal Bathrooms, we work hard to make this change easy for you. It’s about more than just a service for us. It’s about bringing modern design to bathrooms, one shower at a time.

Convert Bathtub to Shower

Every homeowner’s experience is special, but the end is always the same—a refreshed space that makes life better. So, let us show you how to do it. We’ll give you expert advice and a personal touch. That’s our promise at Package Deal Bathrooms. We’re all about quality, lasting work, and making customers happy.

Key Takeaways

  • Transforming your le=”space can significantly enhance both functionality and aesthetics.
  • Converting a bathtub to a shower can lead to a more spacious and modern bathroom layout.
  • Professional renovators like Package Deal Bathrooms ensure a personalised and quality assured renovation experience.
  • A shower conversion is not just about the upgrade, it’s about aligning the new space with your personal style and preferences.
  • Choosing the right team for your bathroom upgrade means selecting those who value meticulous craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Understanding the Benefits of a Bathtub to Shower Conversion

Starting a bathroom remodel is both exciting and a bit daunting. Choosing to switch from a tub to a walk-in shower is top among homeowner choices. It offers style and use. We will look at the benefits this change brings, like better access, more home value, and a modern look and feel.

Enhanced Accessibility and Safety

One main plus of changing a tub to a shower is easier access. This switch makes the bathroom safer for people who have trouble moving. A shower like this not only meets the need for safety but also looks good with its modern, no-barrier design.

Increase in Home Value

Changing your shower from an old tub can make your home more appealing to buyers. This lifts its worth. Experts say that updated bathrooms, especially with walk-in showers, draw buyers. So, switching your tub isn’t just about looks but also about smart investing.

Modernisation and Space Maximisation

Switching from a tub to a shower is key for a modern bathroom. It brings a fresher look and makes better use of space. Getting rid of a big tub makes the room look bigger and more welcoming. This is great for small bathrooms, mixing modern style with practicality.

bathtub conversion to walk-in shower

Convert Bathtub to Shower: A Step-by-Step Guide

Switching from a bathtub to shower can make a big difference in your bathroom. At Package Deal Bathrooms, we make sure each shower remodel meets your desires and needs.

We start by removing the old bathtub and checking everything underneath. This lets us fix any hidden problems early on. After that, we update the water lines and drains for the new shower.

shower remodel process

Then, our team works on keeping water out with waterproofing and tiling. These important steps stop water damage. They also make your bathroom last longer. To finish, we put in a stylish, frameless shower. It makes the room look bigger and more inviting.

Step Details Benefits
1. Demolition Remove bathtub and assess the area. Prepares space for shower remodel.
2. Plumbing Adjust water supply and drainage. Ensures efficient water flow and usage.
3. Waterproofing Apply waterproof barriers. Protects structure from moisture damage.
4. Tiling Install new tiles. Enhances aesthetics and durability.
5. Installation Fit new shower unit. Yields a functional, stylish shower space.

With more than ten years of experience, Package Deal Bathrooms commits to excellence. When you choose to replace your bathtub with a shower, you’re not just updating your room. You’re improving your life quality, too.

Planning Your Bathtub to Shower Conversion: What to Consider

When we decide to renovate bathtub to shower, we must think about a few key things. Knowing the shower conversion cost is essential. It’s also important to pick a good bathroom renovation team. They should offer great service and value. At Package Deal Bathrooms in Adelaide, we combine quality, efficiency, and beauty in every job.

Choosing the right shower conversion service is about more than fixtures. It’s about making a space that’s truly yours. This space should be functional, long-lasting, and stylish. We’ve made a list of big things to think about:

  • Budget: Changing a bath into a shower varies in cost. This depends on materials, size, and extra features. Set a budget that covers everything.
  • Design: Your taste—modern or traditional—matters in design. We guide you through styles and features that fit your home’s look.
  • Timeline: Knowing how long the conversion takes is key. We give clear timelines and updates, so you know when your shower will be ready.
  • Functionality: Checking your bathroom’s plumbing and structure is a must. We look at all technical details for the best shower performance.

Choosing the right partners makes a huge difference. Our 10-year warranty on work and materials protects your investment. Count on us, a top bathroom renovation company, for a smooth and effective transformation.

Our aim at Package Deal Bathrooms is to enhance your space and style. We do this without sacrificing quality. Let us guide you smoothly to a bathroom you will adore for years.

Expert Insight: Tailoring Your Shower to Suit Your Style

Starting a bathroom remodel or shower installation lets you show your style. At Package Deal Bathrooms, we see your shower as a main feature. It shows your unique style and makes your day better.

Choosing Fixtures and Finishes

Picking the right fixtures and finishes is key for a bathroom upgrade. You might like modern taps or a classic shower head. We guide you through many options. We find fixtures that not only match your bathtub remodel but last long and work well.

Incorporating Personal Style Preferences

We’re proud to customize every bathroom remodel for our Adelaide clients. Our personal touch means your shower installation or bathtub remodel looks great. It will also meet your needs closely and match your dream look.

Feature Traditional Style Modern Style
Materials Ceramic, Porcelain Glass, Stainless Steel
Colours Soft, Warm Hues Bold, Contrasting Tones
Fixtures Ornate, Detailed Sleek, Minimalist

Whether you want a calm retreat or a modern spot, knowing these parts is important. We can make your bathroom dream real with a custom bathroom upgrade. It will be beautiful and last many years.

Professional Shower Installation: Why Choose Package Deal Bathrooms

Choosing the right team for your shower upgrade or bathroom makeover is key. At Package Deal Bathrooms, we promise top-notch work. Every job we do aims to go beyond what you hope for.

We change any bath area into a stylish, modern spot. Our team brings your dream bathroom to life.

A Commitment to Quality and Durability

We pick only the best materials and skilled workers for our projects. We know lasting work matters. That’s why we offer a 10-year warranty on our work and the stuff we use.

This shows we stand behind our quality. We protect your investment for years to come.

Personalised Bathroom Renovation Services

Every customer wants something special for their bathroom. We offer custom renovations to match your taste and needs. Our team is with you from start to end.

We make your dream bathroom real, paying attention to every little thing.

Exceeding Expectations with Expert Design Advice

We’re known for doing more than just the job. Our design experts offer great tips to improve your bathroom. Whether it’s a new shower or a complete makeover, we make it look and work great.

Making Smart Choices for Your Shower Conversion Project

Thinking about upgrading your bathroom can seem tough. It’s even more so when changing from a bathtub to a walk-in shower. That’s why working with a top bathroom renovation company like Package Deal Bathrooms is key. They make sure every part of your bathtub remodeling is perfectly managed. They turn your bathroom into a functional and stylish retreat.

The focus isn’t just on making your space look good. It’s also about adding smart features. They work out the best layout to use your space well and pick top-quality materials. This means your bathroom will last a long time. Here’s what they offer:

  • Initial Consultation: The project starts by figuring out what you want and need.
  • 3D Design Mock-ups: See your bathroom’s new look before the work starts. This makes sure you’re happy with everything.
  • Material and Fixture Selection: They have eco-friendly and high-tech choices to show your style.
  • Installation: Skilled people work hard to install your walk-in shower well and quickly.
  • Post-Installation Support: They help you even after the job is done, with a 10-year warranty on work and parts.

Choosing the right team for your bathroom redo means more than an update. It’s about changing how you start your day.

With Package Deal Bathrooms, expect top-quality, creative solutions and great service. They make sure your new bathroom in Adelaide suits your life perfectly. Trust them to make your dream bathroom real with great skill and design.


Changing a bathtub into a shower brings modern style and improved function to our homes. It means stepping into an age where convenience meets design. With Package Deal Bathrooms in Adelaide, this move promises a smooth transition to a modern sanctuary.

Choosing them means getting a blend of style and practicality. Their expert shower installations and careful planning ensure our bathroom matches our taste. And it adds value to our home.

Moving from a bathtub to a shower shows the importance of a reliable partner. Package Deal Bathrooms offers a strong 10-year warranty on their work. This shows they’re committed to quality.

They can meet any budget or design need. Their team helps from the start to the end. This makes upgrading easy and personalised.

A better bathroom is more than just looks. It’s about making our lives easier and safer. Looking at our new space, we see the benefits of our choice. It’s not just a simple change. It’s about reshaping our living spaces for our current and future needs.


What are the benefits of converting a bathtub to shower?

Turning a bathtub into a shower has lots of perks. It makes your bathroom safer and more accessible. It can also up your home’s value and bring a modern vibe to your bathroom. Plus, it can make your bathroom feel more spacious and stylish, matching today’s lifestyles.

How does switching from a tub to a walk-in shower affect home value?

Swapping your bathtub for a walk-in shower can boost your home’s worth. It’s because many people nowadays prefer bathrooms that are not only sleek but also easy to use. This update can make your house more appealing to future buyers.

What is involved in the bathtub to shower conversion process?

Switching from a tub to a shower includes removing the old bathtub and making room for the new shower. You might need to move some things around. Then, you install new stuff like tiles, a shower pan, and glass doors.

How much does a shower conversion cost?

The price of changing a bath to a shower varies. It depends on how complex the job is, the materials you pick, and what changes are needed. How much you pay people to do the work also impacts the cost. It’s best to talk to a pro for a precise quote.

What should I consider when planning my shower installation?

Think about what you want your shower to look like, your bathroom’s layout, and limits. Choose materials and finishes you like, decide how long the project should take, and set a budget. A pro can help ensure your plans are on track.

How can I tailor my new shower to match my personal style?

Make the shower your own by picking out fixtures and finishes that show off your style. Consider the tiles, showerhead, door style, and extras like shelves or benches. These details can make the space feel unique to you.

Why should I choose a professional bathroom renovation service like Package Deal Bathrooms?

Package Deal Bathrooms offers top-quality and long-lasting bathroom renovations. They promise a 10-year warranty on materials and work. They focus on what you specifically need, offering expert design advice and careful workmanship.

What are the crucial factors to ensure my shower conversion is successful?

A great shower conversion needs good planning and the right materials. Make sure the design fits what you need and looks how you want. Work with a pro bathroom renovation company for the best support and advice during your project.

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