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Walk in Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms in Adelaide

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small bathrooms ideas renovation
June 10, 2024

Our homes often tell stories of growth and change, even in the tiny spaces. At Package Deal Bathrooms, we excel at transforming small areas into stylish, functional havens. Imagine a small Adelaide flat, with a bathroom like a cramped cupboard. With our help, that small space became a stylish, functional haven. We offered bespoke walk in shower ideas for small bathrooms, showcasing how beauty and function can fit in perfectly.

With space-saving shower ideas, we took on the challenge of limited space. The result? A bath zone that meets your daily needs with a modern touch. A small bathroom walk in shower design can be your home’s highlight. It shows Package Deal Bathrooms’ commitment to creative, personalised solutions.

small bathrooms ideas renovation

Key Takeaways

  • Discover space-saving and stylish walk in shower ideas for small bathrooms that cater to personal tastes and practical needs.
  • Experience sustainable luxury with Package Deal Bathrooms’ 10-year warranty on superb materials and labour.
  • Understand how a small bathroom walk in shower design can transform confined spaces into inviting, practical sanctuaries.
  • Explore compact walk in shower inspiration to add a touch of sophistication to your small bathroom.
  • Learn why a focus on personalised solutions and professional service makes Package Deal Bathrooms the ideal choice for your renovation.

Embracing Compact Luxury: Innovative Walk in Shower Designs

In today’s world, homes in cities often have limited space. But, we at Package Deal Bathrooms see this as a chance to shine. We take small areas and turn them into cosy, high-end getaways with sharp designs. Our work on walk in showers blends style with function, offering chic solutions for small bathrooms.

Our walk in showers don’t just look great; they’re smartly built to save space. This means you get a roomier feel without losing any beauty or usefulness. So, what’s our secret?

Maximising Space with Frameless Glass Panels

Installing frameless glass panels is a game-changer. They create a sense of endless space, visually expanding your bathroom. Plus, the sleek look of frameless glass adds a touch of modernity and cuts out the bulky feel of framed showers.

Choosing Larger Floor Tiles for Seamless Aesthetics

Another trick up our sleeve is using big floor tiles. When placed right, they make the space look fluid, thus larger. This design is perfect for those wanting a chic, bigger-looking shower area without the fuss.

Integrating Storage Niches and In-Wall Shelves

Need storage? We’ve got you covered. Built-in niches and shelves keep your stuff close while keeping the area tidy. It’s a key part of our strategy to combine function with sophistication in our shower designs.

Our team at Package Deal Bathrooms is all about quality, flair, and tailoring services to you. We make your bathroom more than just a room, turning it into a personal spa.

Walk in Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

At Package Deal Bathrooms, we can change a small bathroom into a stylish place. Our team loves working on small bathroom shower remodels. We focus on creating minimalist shower ideas that look good and work well.

We use tiny shower ideas and space-saving shower solutions. This makes your shower area feel bigger and more luxurious. We do this with corner setups and doors that save space.

  • Curved corner shower units make the most of each corner.
  • Frameless shower screens make the room look bigger.
  • We fit shelves right into the walls for storage that doesn’t take up room.

Our designs and work boost your bathroom’s worth and use. We’re great at fitting popular and smart shower features into small spaces:

Feature Benefits Suitable for dimension (sqm)
Curved corner unit Maximises space, modern look Under 3 sqm
Frameless shower screen Enhances visual space, easy to clean 3-5 sqm
Recessed shelves/niches Increases storage, maintains clean lines Under 5 sqm

Come work with us at Package Deal Bathrooms. We’ll change your small bathroom into a calm place with smart design and lots of use.

The Art of Transformation: Small Shower Renovation Options 

At Package Deal Bathrooms, we know small spaces count, even in the bathroom. We focus on creating small shower renovations that use modern shower designs and compact layout. We aim for a beautiful spa or simple bathroom that works well. Our designs make the most out of your space.

Creating an Illusion of Space with Light and Reflective Surfaces

Light colours and shiny surfaces can make a small bathroom seem bigger. With mirrors and glossy tiles, we use light to our advantage. This trick is key in our shower renovation ideas. It makes small bathrooms feel more spacious and open.

Custom Shower Bases to Fit Unique Dimensions

We make shower bases that fit your bathroom’s unique shape. This means not a single inch of space is wasted. Our compact shower layout service is all about fitting everything just right for you.

Doorless Shower Designs for Uninterrupted Flow

Our doorless showers look good and work well in small spaces. Removing doors makes the room feel more open. It’s a combination of modern and smart shower design ideas.

Feature Benefit
Light Reflective Surfaces Enhances the sense of space
Custom Shower Bases Optimises use of available space
Doorless Design Improves room flow and ease of access

Overall, we at Package Deal Bathrooms offer specialised services for small showers. We focus on making your bathroom look modern and feel spacious. Our designs are personalised for you and your needs.

small bathrooms ideas renovation

Personalised Elegance: Tailored Designs to Reflect Your Style

At Package Deal Bathrooms, we know your home should show off your style. This is even more true for areas like bathrooms. We’re great at making minimalist bathroom showers and cool stylish walk-in shower options.

Our team can help with small bathroom tile ideas. We make sure your compact walk-in shower is just right. We aim to bring your dream to life with beauty and function.

Incorporating Personal Design Styles in Shower Tile Choices

Tile choice can make a big difference in your bathroom. We offer lots of options to fit your space and style. You can pick from fancy textures to simple styles. We have something for everyone.

Ensuite Extensions and Custom Walk In Robe Integrations

We do more than just bathrooms. We make custom ensuites and walk-in robes. They add space and style to your home. These changes match with what you already have and make your space work better for you.

Professional Guidance on Finishings and Fixtures

Getting the right finishes and fixtures is key for your bathroom’s final look. Our team helps you choose faucets, showers, cabinets, and lights. We make sure everything looks great together and on its own.

Feature Options Benefits
Shower Tiles Glossy, Matte, Textured, Mosaic Enhances style, easy to clean, long-lasting
Shower Type Frameless, Semi-Frameless, Enclosed Maximises space, modern look, custom fit
Fixtures Stainless Steel, Brass, Matte Black Durable, stylish, complements any decor
Lighting LED, Halogen, Incandescent Energy efficient, improves mood, enhances appearance


We’ve looked into creating minimalist walk-in showers for small spaces. At Package Deal Bathrooms in Adelaide, we blend beauty with function. This lets us make practical shower designs for small bathrooms that go beyond what you might expect.

We really care about making each project fit your style. Whether we’re making big changes or small ones, we focus on your personal touch.

Our head, Domenic, inspires us to design creative small bathroom shower designs. These designs save space but keep the beauty. So, renovating is not just about the look; it’s about making your bathroom special.

We use modern walk in shower ideas that mix elegance with use. Our work doesn’t just meet quality standards; it raises them. And, we back it up with a 10-year warranty on our work and materials.

If you want a peaceful hideaway or a glamorous bathroom, we can help. Let us turn your small bathroom into a smart, modern space. We’ll create a bathroom that’s elegant and useful, just for you.


What are some walk in shower ideas for small bathrooms?

For small bathrooms, glass panels offer openness. Using larger floor tiles makes it look seamless. Pick a simple design to avoid clutter. Also, use niches and shelves for more space.

How can innovative walk in shower designs enhance my small bathroom?

Innovative designs make walk in showers stand out. Frameless glass and big tiles add a modern look. Smart storage makes the bathroom stylish and functional. These changes can truly make the space feel bigger.

What are the benefits of integrating storage niches and in-wall shelves in a walk in shower?

Niches and shelves save space and keep things neat. They blend into the wall for a sleek look. These design choices keep your shower looking great and your things handy.

Can small bathrooms still have a luxurious feel?

Yes, they can! Space-saving, modern designs can add luxury. Choose the right tiles and finishes for a high-end look. These personal design choices can make any bathroom feel elegant and spacious.

How does Package Deal Bathrooms tailor shower designs to fit individual style and preferences?

They listen to what you like and help you choose. They make sure your tiles, finishes, and fixtures match your style. They offer unique designs to fit your bathroom perfectly.

Are custom shower bases a good option for small bathroom renovations?

Custom bases fit small bathrooms perfectly. They use every inch efficiently, and they look great. This option allows for personal touches without sacrificing looks or use.

What should I consider when selecting tiles for my small bathroom shower?

Choose light colours and big tiles for a spacious feel. Think about safety with the texture. The pattern and how tiles line up affect how open the space looks.

Is it possible to integrate a walk-in robe with an ensuite extension in a small space?

With good design, a walk-in robe can fit even in a small area. Package Deal Bathrooms creates designs that work well together. They ensure your space feels luxurious and practical, no matter the size.


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