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Expert Tips on How to Create a Small Adelaide Bathroom Design with Big Style

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Bathroom Renovations Adelaide
March 16, 2021

Six Tips to Create a Small Adelaide Bathroom Design with Big Style

Are you stuck with a small bathroom?

Or are you looking at renovating your small bathroom with big design ideas?

For most of us we are always trying to create more space in our homes and bathrooms being the most used room are on top of the list. If you are considering remodelling your tiny bathroom use these tips, we’ve compiled to help you with a simple, seamless, and painless bathroom renovation project. Sometimes we all struggle to fit in more in the little space we have, and these remodelling strategies can make your small bathroom feel more spacious and serene. These ideas pack a powerful design punch and will make your drab small space look fab!

#1. Let There Be Light

Use of dark colours like deep blue, rustic maroon, dark grey can make a small bathroom look even smaller. For a small bathroom it is best to avoid darker shades and contrasting hues. Instead go for neutral tones like soft grey, warm white, pale beige, ice blue or butter yellow that will make the space look brighter and bigger. As for the cabinetry, lighter colours open up a tiny space, so, stick to fresh and delicate shades that will complement your chosen tiles or wall colour. A basic white shade for the ceiling will further enhance the open, lighter and brighter bathroom look you are trying to achieve. Along with the right shades, having plenty of natural light will make you bathroom feel more spacious. Adding a window or skylight will help making your small bathroom appear brighter and open.

#2. Make Glass Your Best Friend

Our design experts suggest using glass to your advantage as it reflects more light and opens up the small space. Shower curtains and textured glass will divide your bathroom into sections making it look even smaller. Try to incorporate as much clear glass as possible into your small bathroom renovation plans and enjoy the new bathroom that’s big in style and space.

#3. Keep Clutter Away

To keep small bathroom spaces from looking cramped work on keeping things clean and uncluttered. Clutter makes a room feel and look smaller than it appears.

#4. Use a Pedestal Sink or Floating Vanity

These modern design options available easily create more ‘air space’ which tricks the eyes to see more space in a room. Rather than installing a solid cabinet box, having a pedestal sink with narrow cabinets on each side can also do the trick.

#5. Sliding Doors Do the Trick

When working with a small space, every bit helps! That’s why sliding doors are a great addition to a small bathroom renovation and help in adding more space. A nice barn style set up or a plain sliding door done right can be a stylish addition to your small bathroom renovation while saving space that a regular door would have taken.

#6. Go Big with Tiles

Going big with tiles in your small bathroom creates a sense of space. Using more tiles would mean more grouting and that would break things up visually making the space look tighter and smaller. One way to make that small bathroom renovation Adelaide feel bigger is by using larger tiles.

If you are having a hard time visualising how to make your small bathroom space feel larger contact Package Deal Bathrooms today. Our complete bathroom renovation Adelaide design professionals will pull every trick out of our bag and the results will take your breath away.

At Package Deal Bathrooms we provide the best bathroom renovations Adelaide services at the most affordable prices and guarantee a high-quality finished job within your time frame. To book an appointment or to get a quote, call us on 0414641241 or browse our website to check out our Adelaide bathroom renovations services we provide.

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