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Affordable Bathroom Renovations Adelaide: 5 Ways You Can Save $$$

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March 16, 2021

5 Tips to Save Money on Bathroom Renovations Adelaide

Bathrooms are the busiest spaces in a home; therefore, they need to be practical, functional yet comfortable, serene, and beautiful. Although bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house, they are the most-intensely used and there can be a lot involved. For this reason, bathrooms are the most popular candidates for renovations as no one really enjoys dingy, mouldy, outdated bathroom or shower. Renovating a bathroom can lead to immense personal satisfaction and even a good return on investment when it comes to selling your house. Most homeowners usually hold back from this project as it can be expensive. But the truth is there is a bathroom renovation project for most budgets, which means your dream bathroom is closer to reality than you think!

Go through our quick guide to discover how you can save money on a complete bathroom transformation! No matter if you need small bathroom renovations Adelaide or a big bathroom remodel, these practical tips apply to all households and can be a deciding factor for your next project. In this helpful guide, we share with you some expert tips and strategies for planning your Adelaide bathroom renovations budget and ensuring that your wallet doesn’t take any dips or hits.

Tip 1: The Scale of Renovation

Renovation cost can vary heavily depending on project to project. Envision a large, lavish bathroom remodel if you have a large, lavish budget. If you go smaller with the footprint you can keep the costs down and still get to enjoy a modern and beautiful bathroom. A larger bathroom would need more materials, more labour, larger vanity, which can all add up and be pricier. Keeping it small means your renovation costs will be drastically less and fit your budget.

Tip 2: Buy Materials on Sale

If you are trying to do your bathroom on a budget, then having an open mind is your best tool. Keep your budget in line and stop your wallet from taking any surprise hits by making smart purchases and saving on material costs. Sales and discounts several times a year can mean tremendous savings on everything from tiles, vanities to bathtubs and taps.

Tip 3: Do Not Disturb the Plumbing

Unless your plumbing is completely worn out and needs major work, do not alter the existing plumbing plan. Plumbing changes can significantly add to the cost when renovating a bathroom.  You will save a lot of money and hassle if you renovate your bathroom without moving the toilet, shower, bath, sink. Consider refreshing and changing the fixtures as doing that too can liven up a dull-looking bathroom.

Tip 4: Think Outside of the Box

A bit of DIY and a dash of creativity can make your bathroom look fab! The antique dresser that’s lying forgotten in the garage might make a gorgeous vanity, and it may even be something you can do yourself. Look at DIY bathroom ideas online to get some inspiration.

Tip 5: Find the Right Adelaide Bathroom Contractor

Renovations can be one of the most exciting experiences and can add a whole new vibe to your house! Do not let the cost of renovation weigh you down and stress you out unnecessarily. Before you finalise your bathroom renovations plans, it’s wise to consult with a professional bathroom renovations Adelaide company. They can help you with design tips, remodelling plans, professional blueprints, money-saving tips, and the actual renovations work.

Are You Ready for A Bathroom Renovation? 

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