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Top Six Reasons Why You Need to Consider Adelaide Bathroom Renovations

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March 16, 2021

As one of the most used and frequently visited rooms in the house, bathrooms are a popular choice for remodeling when homeowners want to enhance the look and feel of their home. For a happy and clean household, it is essential for a bathroom to be comfortable, highly functional and cosy. If you are beginning to feel unhappy with your bathroom, it’s time you should start to consider a bathroom renovation to enjoy these benefits:

#1. Complete Bathroom Renovation Adds Value to Your Home: 

Did you know that the state of the bathroom of a house on sale can make or break the deal? Yes, that’s right! It may seem strange to invest a lot of time, money and resources into a bathroom remodel for a house you’re about to leave but it is one of the best ways to enhance the value to your home. Renovating a bathroom can boost the overall value of your property and improve its appeal to future buyers. If your home’s bathrooms are outdated, cramped, uncomfortable or inefficient they probably need an upgrade that will also add significant value to your house.

#2. Eco-friendly, Efficient Bathroom That Saves Money:

Renovating your bathroom can help you save money in the long run by installing energy and water-saving fixtures. If your toilet or shower is outdated you might need to opt for a more water-efficient model, replacing leaky taps, and installing an on-demand hot water system, will prevent large spending on utility expenses. These small yet effective changes in your refreshed bathroom can save you money and improve your daily living that has a direct impact on the environment. You may also install new fixtures and supplies that are low or non-toxic, biodegradable, recyclable, energy-efficient, water-efficient and from suppliers who are environmentally conscious.

#3. Say Goodbye to Mold, Stubborn Water Damage and Stains:

The bathroom walls, fixtures, cabinetry are exposed to moisture for prolonged hours in a day and over time this can lead to stained walls, mold build-up and water damage. Mold and stains are difficult to remove and when cleaning is no longer a solution the only way to get rid of them is through remodeling by hiring a professional bathroom renovations company that can make your bathroom look as good as new. The need for mold removal and water damage repair are two critical reasons to renovate your bathroom!

#4. Enhance Safety:

The bathroom can be dangerous with it having many slip hazards and if you have an unsafe bathroom it’s time you fix it as soon as possible. If you have ignored some signs for a long time like slippery or broken bathroom tiles, water leakage making the floor slippery, damp walls that may come in contact with electric cables, then you should consider renovating it. Also, installing some safety rails and non-slip mats is a great way to keep you and your family safe.

#5. Create a Sanctuary:

Are you living in an older home and the bathroom hasn’t been spruced up in years? You deserve a beautifully designed, cosy, comfortable and relaxing bathroom where you can unwind and feel refreshed at any time of the day. Consider improving your home’s vibe with a refreshed and modern bathroom. Replace old and worn-out surfaces with high-quality materials, install tiles and fixtures in soothing colours and materials to give your bathroom a much-deserved face lift.

#6. Declutter Your Space:

With the latest bathroom designs, you can maximise bathroom storage and make your cabinets more functional and efficient. With high-quality material and well-designed cabinetry, you will instantly improve the look and functionality of the bathroom area.

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