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Planning Your Bathroom Renovation Budget? Read On…

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Bathroom Renovations Adelaide
September 09, 2020

After a long obsession with so many bathroom inspiration photos on Instagram, Pinterest and home decor magazines, you are finally ready to take the plunge and start the reno of your master bath. As we all know, everyone is working on a budget! We know the most important question going on in your mind – ‘How much does a bathroom renovation cost?’  This is the common question that renovation contractors get and we are helping you find the answer through the information given below.

First and foremost, set a budget. What can you afford? Think about the materials, the look, style, feel, layout etc. but do not forget to consider everything that is not visible like the infrastructure, plumbing, electrical wiring etc. Well, we have done some of the legwork, taking you through some bathroom renovation costs in Adelaide area. This guide focuses on the remodelling and renovation categories so you have an idea of how much it will cost to renovate.

Costs For a Bathroom Renovation

Here’s a breakdown of three typical price brackets:

Budget: $9,000 – $12,000

Mid-range: from $15,000

Premium: from $25,000

Let’s take a look at this in more detail:

Budget Bathroom Renovation: A starting point can be $9,000—$12,000 for small space with budget-friendly finishes. A nice makeover is easily available for $9,000, you could replace your toilet, taps and shower screen with some budget-friendly products and maybe even re-grout the tiles. With an increased budget of around $12000, you could cover the renovation cost of a small bathroom or en-suite with some reliable, new fixtures.  Some minor adjustments to plumbing and electrical could also be achieved, along with simple tiling.

Mid-range Bathroom Renovation:  At this cost bathrooms really start to come to life! In our experience of working in the industry for decades, we can say that the majority of modern bathroom renovations coming in around this mark.  Items that were previously seen as luxuries are now becoming a standard feature in mid-range bathrooms, and are reflected in the bathroom renovation cost starting from $15,000. Most people want to upgrade their old taps to mixer taps, incorporate a nice showerhead, add a sleek toilet with no exposed pipes, a vanity with painted finish that sits off the floor, brand new tiling, a niche in the shower for essential shower items, LED downlights, frameless shower screen etc are some of the features that are in demand.

Premium Bathroom Renovation: This is the high-end spectrum of bathroom renovations Adelaide. The typical cost can range from $25,000 and this is where bathroom renovations start to look amazing! There are so many features available in this range to give your bathroom that cutting edge look. Ultra-luxury upgrades such as free-standing bath, a toilet that sits off the ground with cistern hidden in the wall, vanities with lights built into the drawers, multiple shower heads, new ductwork, heated floors, custom lighting, custom cabinetry, premium floor and wall tiling, etc. are going to set you apart from the rest. The quality of the build can also vary, such as the use of copper pipes, top-quality waterproofing, major structural changes, and attention to detail to every big and small design aspect of the renovation. Creating a functional and usable space is an important aspect of luxury bathroom renovations.

Making Use Of The Statistics For Your Bathroom Renovation

Of course, every bathroom renovation or remodelling project is unique. We encourage you to use these numbers as a starting point for planning your own bathroom renovation.  Give a call to Package Deal Bathrooms – Adelaide’s leading bathroom renovation expert today to discuss your bathroom reno project.

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